Ice machines are rated at various conditions (water and ambient temperatures) and output is very much dependent upon application and location.
Unwanted tastes, odours, sediment and scale formation occur because of non-existent, faulty or inefficient water filtration. Ice machine performance also suffers if poor or no water filters are used and equipment warranty cover is also protected when correct and regularly maintained water filters are installed.
Water softeners are not recommended for the commercial style ice machines because they add salinity to the water and this affects the freeze point causing slower ice production and in the case of flake ice machine, results in ‘wet’ ice.
Life of an ice machine is very much dependent upon water quality, usage and preventative maintenance regime – if equipment is serviced, operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturers guideline the life expectancy can be up to 10 years and in some cases longer.
Ice and Oven Technologies provide full technical and service support (including manufacturers warranty) as well as stocks of spare parts for all equipment we sell.
A combi oven (or combi-steamer) combines the functionality of a convection oven and a steam cooker. That is, it can produce dry heat, moist heat or a combination of the two at various temperatures. It can be used for baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching and poaching.
Touch control panels. Preset programming. Fully automated baking process.
It can be used for: Baking / Roasting Grilling Steaming Braising Blanching Poaching
Accelerated cooking is cooking at high speed using both traditional and new cooking methods at the same time to speed up the cooking process. Merrychef uses combinations of fan forced hot air, impingement and microwave in various combinations to allow food items to cook at up to 15 times faster than more traditional methods.
No, speed cooking uses controllable technology to precisely cook the food to the correct colour, texture and taste. You can even cook a perfect rare steak in our ovens. In fact in some instances the use of speed cooking actually enhances the flavours and marinates placed on meats, fish and vegetables to add extra flavor so you may want to reduce the amount of salts or sugars added to foods. Speed cooking also reduces the amount of shrinkage of meats in particular as the food is seared in the hot air environment and spends less time in the oven, shrinkage can therefore be reduced by as much as 25% compared to traditional methods.
Actually this is not the case it is quite the opposite! Merrychef ovens are highly insulated and extremely energy efficient, saving thousands per year in running costs compared to slower more traditional cooking methods. For instance in a simple café location using a press toaster, microwave and cook top, using a Merrychef could save you in excess of $5,000 per annum in power saving alone.
The Merrychef oven comes setup ready to “plug and play” with a personalised menu.  Our culinary team supports you in setting up your individual menu that can be e-mailed and imported using a USB.  Of course you can still add your own recipes, images and settings as you like using the simple Easy Touch screen, your recipes can then be saved and shared using a USB. Because of the technology and speed of service, most people find they can employ less staff, not more.
Merrychef is manufactured in Sheffield in the UK, to the highest standards and quality. Our after sales culinary support is like having a personal chef working with you, and the saving in power consumption is considerable. Another advantage is the saving in bench space as a Merrychef takes up a similar footprint to a standard microwave, but replaces your grill, panini press, salamander griddle and microwave. When comparing the purchase price of other equipment the difference is minimal, but the ease of use, increased cooking speed and energy saving will pay for itself very quickly.
A combination oven combines is a piece of equipment using more than one cooking method to cook food. Merrychef is a combination oven utilizing impinged air, convection heat, microwave and increased pressure to speed up food cooking, compared to a traditional combi-steam oven which uses convection air and water/ steam. A Merrychef can cook smaller quantities of food, but at much faster speeds, and can be used alongside traditional methods to speed up servce in a restaurant, bar or café.
Touch screen with icon selection. Vent less operation. In-built diagnostic testing. Cool to touch exterior. Different sizes and speeds to suit your needs. Flexible cooking controls to give precise temperature, fan and microwave settings.
Merrychef can be used for Toasting, Baking, Roasting, Grilling, Air Frying and heating just about anything you would wish to cook. Some examples include… Full English breakfast in 1 minute 35 seconds. Toasted sandwich in 50 seconds. Pizza in 90 seconds. Well done steak in 2 minute 15 seconds. Half a chicken in 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Merrychef use a full stainless steel internal oven cavity with no exposed elements and all internal racks and bases are removable. The oven has a cool down procedure to bring the temperature down to 50 degrees or less to avoid burns and scalds, the internal can then be removed and cleaned in a sink or dishwasher, whilst the oven cavity is cleaned. The whole process should take less than 35 minutes, but it depends on how dirty the oven is.
Over 98% energy efficient compared to gas at 40% efficiency and the best ceramic electric hobs at 60% efficiency. Induction uses an electro magnetic pulse to directly heat the pan, and using Inducs patented Real Time Temperature Control System the contents of the pan are monitored to avoid boil dry or pan warping. No pre-heating and cooking points stop producing energy the moment the pan is removed. No radiant heat – the surrounding surface stays cold. Will not heat up the room where used.
Because Induction uses magnet pulses the pan or cooking surface needs to be magnetic, the easiest way to find out if your pan will work is to take a fridge magnet and see if it sticks to the pan you want to use.
Induction cooktops are surfaced with ceramic toughened glass that is very strong and tolerates very high temperatures. If you drop a very heavy item on it several times though it is always a possibility! Scratching is also a possibility if heavy or rough items are dragged across the surface. If proper care is taken when using the cooktop, neither should happen.